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The Disobedient Future of Birth

Book cover of 'Eve, The Disobedient Future of Birth' by Claire Horn

The radical future of birth is here – but are we ready for it? 

Throughout human history, every single one of us has been born from a person. So far. But that is about to change.

Scientific research is on the cusp of being able to grow babies outside human bodies, from machines, for the very first time. Claire Horn takes us on a truly radical and urgent deep dive into the most challenging and pertinent questions of our age. Could artificial wombs allow women to redistribute the work of gestating? How do we protect reproductive and abortion rights? And who exactly gets access to this technology, in our vastly unequal world?

In this interrogative and fascinating story of modern birth, ‘Eve’ imagines with eye-opening clarity what all this might mean for the future of humanity.

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224 pages

About the author

Black and white photograph of Claire Horn

Claire Horn

Claire Horn is a Killam postdoctoral research fellow at Dalhousie University’s Health Law Institute. Her work over the last six years has focused on law and policy governing sexual and reproductive health, rights and technologies. She has written for a variety of academic and nonfiction publications, including the Journal of Medical Ethics, the Medical Law Review, Feminist Legal Studies, Catalyst, Aeon, and Lady Science.